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As businesses evolve to keep up with new technologies, security in the cyber world has evolved to become a top priority for enterprises to remain competitive. With our automated security and vulnerability alerts, we enable an enterprise to ensure that its workflow is equipped to trigger and respond to alerts or events that need to take quick actions which results in preventing and/or dealing with the weak spot. By automating security, we enable organizations to deal with security concerns in the cloud as effectively and quickly as possible. With cloud-native quickly moving from being aspirational to being the norm, the need to integrate and automate cybersecurity ensures that enterprises continue to keep the concept of downtime at bay.  By elevating their security and vulnerability alerts, enterprises stand to gain tighter control over their data and confidential information, and infrastructure.

As technological dependence continues to acquire the spotlight in recent times, enterprises are keen to ensure that their infrastructure is protected by multiple layers to ensure heightened optimization and resource efficiency. Our multi-layered deep protection is engineered to sanitize and validate workflows with multi-layered deep protection to make sure that one layer getting compromised does not lead to a massive point of failure. By incorporating layered input validation and sanitization, we focus on offering a heightened degree of protection by equipping the further layers to protect the basic sensitive information from being compromised, modified, or stolen when one of the layers is bypassed or exploited. Enterprises have begun to see the value in being able to delay the advance of an attack as opposed to striving to defeat it with the support of just one strong life of defense.

To fill the gap between Dev and Ops, enterprises are increasingly looking towards deploying an effective approach that is centered around  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). With SRE, we focus on equipping IT operations to harness software as a tool to aid in solving problems, managing systems, and automating operations. We use automation to extensively manage production systems, thus integrating scalability into software systems. We also support the management of large systems through code, thus helping enterprises to find a balance between innovation and reliability. With our sound SRE approach, we equip enterprises to evaluate challenges that are led by infrastructure and operations and ensure that it is mitigated at the earliest opportunity.  By deploying these engineering practices, enterprises can balance feature development and operational reliability risks.

As technology evolves at an unprecedented rate, enterprises want to incorporate a sound strategy toward governance to stay competitive. With every organization, there are systems in place that ascertain and address risks and comply with regulations while managing technology and process along with human capital. With our approach, we ensure that these systems can stay away from being heavily demarcated which prevents them from working in individual silos. Our approach is agility-driven as we lead with a mandate that is focused on increased and intentional integration that serves to ease things across the system through a sound model that assists in compliance and risk management. We equip enterprises to build an effective governance model when it comes to IT risk management processes with strategies & roadmaps, operations, and regulatory risk management processes

Packaged Services

Security & Compliance Services

Staying on top of regulatory security and compliance policies is vital for every organization. Security and Compliance go hand-in-hand and play a crucial step in deploying, maintaining, and protecting the technological needs of an organization. By helping you to maintain adherence to applicable standards, codes, regulations, and laws, we ensure your competitive edge!

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement

In this model, 24X7SYSTEMS and the client work towards defined product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach is best suited for projects with fixed-scope requirements or for iterative development schedules targeting release dates. Where development or quality standards requirements have been previously identified and understood.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, dedicated high performing teams are assigned for different stages of software development activities. This model is ideal for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. Such engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. This would work like an extension of the customer’s organization.

Off Shore Development Services

This method involves Offshore project realization process and billing on a Time & Material manner. Driven by the customers’ needs and comfort levels, clients can choose to work with us on a project basis. Projects can start from drawing requirements from PRD and MRD documents to project planning and different stages of SDLC. As the project outcome is identified at the beginning so are the different stages of development, budgetary variance are resolved up front.

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