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Data has become extremely important when it comes to the enterprises of today and structuring, codifying, and managing large amounts of data has become an immediate need for all businesses. With our data architecture, we focus on building, maintaining, and optimizing data structures using in-depth analysis that aligns with the mandated structural requirements that correspond to an organization.  We use data collection, analysis, storage, and delivery to build resilience in the data structures and we ensure that architecture is built in a way that supports the running of apps while lending data-driven-decision making a sense of systemization and uniformity that streamlines the workflows seamlessly between disparate data sources. With the help of our data architecture consulting, companies will cut down on unnecessary time and effort in maintaining redundant data in the data lifecycle.

Enterprise-ready Data Lakes & Data Warehouses are vital for enterprises to be able to deploy effective strategies concerning business intelligence and analytics applications. With our Enterprise Ready Data Lakes and Data Warehouse services, we use advanced technology to work on constantly improving the organizational flow and business value concerning data assets, especially the idea of security. We equip enterprises to be able to adapt to specific business requisites to actively work on preserving the security, clarity, and timelines concerning the data assets.  By providing the right approach to big data using enterprise-ready data lakes and/or data warehouses, we ensure that enterprises are well-equipped to use big data to optimize their operations and increase their efficiency.

Legacy migration has become a necessary aspect of digital transformation. Without legacy migration, enterprises run the real risk of promoting inefficiency along with a highly weakened security. With our legacy migration services, we focus on ensuring that enterprises are set to improve their performance metrics and competitiveness by orchestrating a better sense of compatibility- especially when it comes to integrating new technologies within the workflows that belong to an enterprise.  We architect our legacy migration approach to carry a high level of flexibility which is accompanied by an easy-to-update system that can prove itself to be adaptable to new changes with minimal interference in the ongoing business operations. Legacy migration is one of the most bankable ways for enterprises to stay ahead of the competition while integrating agility into their tech core.

Data and ML Ops are two aspects of IT that businesses use to build a heightened degree of collaboration and communication- especially regarding operations. By integrating ML ops in the landscape, we ensure the rapid simplification of the management process by automating the deployment of deep learning models that aid in scalability when it comes to large-scale production environments. With our approach, we use ML Ops for the larger cycle- right from data gathering, modeling, deployment, diagnostics, governance, and more and our approach enables enterprises to be able to create reproducible workflow and models along with easy deployment of high precision models in any location. With enterprises using Data and ML Ops to work with shorter lead times for efficient machine learning lifecycle management, it has become an integral part of digital transformation.

Packaged Services

Data & Analytics

Data has become synonymous with large and small enterprises alike. With all the data that is being created and consumed, data management is the need of the hour for it has become an extremely important component for all businesses. We enable you to make the best of data by optimizing data using rigorous and systematic analysis that corresponds with the requirements mandated by organizations and institutions alike.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement

In this model, 24X7SYSTEMS and the client work towards defined product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach is best suited for projects with fixed-scope requirements or for iterative development schedules targeting release dates. Where development or quality standards requirements have been previously identified and understood.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, dedicated high performing teams are assigned for different stages of software development activities. This model is ideal for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. Such engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. This would work like an extension of the customer’s organization.

Off Shore Development Services

This method involves Offshore project realization process and billing on a Time & Material manner. Driven by the customers’ needs and comfort levels, clients can choose to work with us on a project basis. Projects can start from drawing requirements from PRD and MRD documents to project planning and different stages of SDLC. As the project outcome is identified at the beginning so are the different stages of development, budgetary variance are resolved up front.

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