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Countless enterprises are looking to move from monolith to microservices so as to insulate themselves from the high cost of change that has become rather ubiquitous in today’s world. Ensuring this transition can enable companies to grow their number of teams that can deliver value parallelly. With our strategic consulting, we enable the transition to microservices by carefully evaluating the architectural complexities that equip the enterprise to engage in decomposing the entirety of the monolithic architecture into a manageable and cohesive ecosystem of microservices. With the seamless transition to microservices, we work to ensure the optimization of resources while enhancing collaboration between business operations and processes. With our strategic insights, enterprises can simplify app management by building, deploying, updating, testing and scaling each service independently.

In a world that’s increasingly moving towards codifying the concept of autonomy, containerization allows for portability by allowing applications to be written once and run anywhere. This portability can enable a potent form of virtualization where applications run in containers (isolated user spaces) while functioning on the same operating system.  We can enable enterprises to get on to containerization thus enabling applications to be run on various types of infrastructure- starting from bare metal to cloud environments where the need to refactor depending on the kind of environment is virtually absent. With containerization, we can enable enterprises to acquire a host of benefits like fault isolation, ease of management and security along with using compute resources with a high degree of efficiency.

The concept of automation and flexibility might sound like two different concepts, but, in reality, enterprises today are desperately finding ways to integrate automation with flexibility as it enables rapid scaling and agility. By going cloud native, we can equip enterprises with an unparalleled flexibility by encapsulating everything into just a container- thus, cutting the application free from the underlying infrastructure- this allows the deployment of the containerized application in any environment that has a runtime engine. We can ensure that cloud native applications can be packaged as self-contained containers- which come with a high degree of portability that can appease the idea of change by enabling rapid scale in or scale out as and when required. Going cloud native is instrumental for a customer centric model and an accelerated production environment.

Enterprises want to tap into the full value of the cloud ecosystem to truly chase the holistic pursuit of digital transformation. With our effective optimization and standardization strategy, we can equip enterprises to standardize the IT environment by putting in an automated model in place that is centered on agility. This enables the business solutions to be driven by innovation and a high degree of responsiveness. With our insightful optimization and standardization strategy, we equip the cloud to become a powerful multiplier by creating next-gen IT innovations. With the help of this sound strategy, the enterprises are set to acquire a host of competitive advantages by being able to focus on minimizing errors,optimizing workflows while improving the quality of service or product. With accelerated visibility, enterprises can focus on better harnessing their resources to achieve a goal smartly.

Packaged Services

Cloud Modernization & Engineering

With cloud becoming the new norm, it has become vital for organizations to think about their capabilities associated with the cloud in order to critically evaluate the same. We help in establishing a cloud-agnostic approach to help you in efficiently migrating your existing application portfolios to the cloud with our repeatable process and accelerators. 

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement

In this model, 24X7SYSTEMS and the client work towards defined product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach is best suited for projects with fixed-scope requirements or for iterative development schedules targeting release dates. Where development or quality standards requirements have been previously identified and understood.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, dedicated high performing teams are assigned for different stages of software development activities. This model is ideal for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. Such engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. This would work like an extension of the customer’s organization.

Off Shore Development Services

This method involves Offshore project realization process and billing on a Time & Material manner. Driven by the customers’ needs and comfort levels, clients can choose to work with us on a project basis. Projects can start from drawing requirements from PRD and MRD documents to project planning and different stages of SDLC. As the project outcome is identified at the beginning so are the different stages of development, budgetary variance are resolved up front.

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