Privacy Policy

24X7 systems understands that the aspect of privacy and its related concerns remain a pertinent topic. So, we have put together a Privacy Policy for the same purpose.

This Privacy Policy informs you of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information that you submit to us through our website or that we collect as a result of your visit to our website. This policy will inform you of your privacy and personal data protection rights.

User Consent

By visiting our website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. You also agree to be contacted by us unless you send an email to us making it clear that you do not wish to be contacted. 

Information Collection

When you visit our website or send us information or communications, we collect both personal and anonymous information from you. Information that enables someone to identify or contact you is what we refer to as “Personal Information.” For instance, your name, address, phone number, email address, and any information about you linked to any of the data mentioned earlier. Any information that does not directly identify you is what we refer to as  “anonymous information.” How we gather anonymous information and personal information is outlined below.

Personal Information

Through our website, we gather personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. Cookies and web beacons, for example, may be used to collect some of this data. We collect the following types of personal information:

For visitors who want to know more about our products, services, or support:

  • Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Name of employer
  • How you heard about us
  • Contact information
For visitors who want to give us feedback on our services:
  • E-Mail Address
  • Comments on software, support, or services
  • Comments on website
For visitors looking for any other additional information:
  • Contact Information (name, email address)
  • Company name
  • Subject of email
  • Message and any information contained therein
  • Type of inquiry: developer, licensor, distributor, other
Note: For any visitors who communicate with us via email- we collect information that is on the email- including any information that can be acquired by technological means. 

Personal and Anonymous Information Collected Using Technology 

We use technological means or tools to collect personal information and anonymous information from you to improve our services for you. Domain names, the type and language of your browser, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and the times you access our website are some of the standard information gathered by these tools. 

By using our website, you explicitly consent to the collection of this information by us. When you use the internet, your computer automatically receives a number known as an “IP address.” Your IP address might not change from one browser session to the next in some circumstances; however, if you use a consumer internet access provider, it is likely that your IP address changes from session to session. To analyze the flow of our web pages, we monitor these IP addresses.

Cookies and Web Beacons 

In particular, we collect information during visits to our website, including chat sessions with our personnel, using “cookies,” which are small data files stored on your computer’s hard drive, and “web beacons,” which are invisible images embedded on a web page. The IP address of the visitor, the time and date of their visit, and the pages they viewed are among the data gathered. 

Cookies are also used by us in some cases to track your activity on our website, identify you as a previous visitor, and collect information for future visits. We store information about your arrival from an affiliate or promotion in a session cookie if you follow a link to the site from an affiliate or promotion. 

You can use our website without having your cookies turned on- you can also refuse our cookies by turning them off on your browser. However, to access web pages that require registration, you will need to accept a session cookie, which you can delete once you leave the website. You can’t turn off web beacons, which are used by a third-party service to track site usage for us and record your IP address, time of visit, and pages viewed.

Identification of Site Visitors:

We can identify you based on the personal information you have provided in the past or during a current visit. We can also identify you or your company based on other technologically obtained information, such as the browser you are using or the pages you visit on our website. A third-party service is currently tracking this data and providing it to us in aggregate form.

Use of Personal Information:

The personal information that you give us or that we acquire from various technological means is used to respond to your requests, make it easier for us to communicate with you, or give you information about the products and services you’ve expressed an interest in. If you send us a job application, we may use your Personal Information to process it. If you have requested to receive such communications from us, we also use your personal information to send you promotional emails and electronic newsletters (as outlined below). Additionally, we use personal information to respond to your inquiries and provide you with service updates.

Disclosure Related to Personal Information: 

We do not trade or sell your personal information to third parties. However, to fulfill your request for products or services, send you newsletters, or send you promotional emails, we may share your personal information with third parties. These third parties will only use your personal information to carry out the services we have requested. You expressly consent to the disclosure of your personal information to our contractors and third-party service providers solely to provide you with our above-mentioned services.

We may use or disclose your Personal Information, User Data, and other information if required to do so by law to be compliant with legal obligations and/or to protect and defend 24X7 or its affiliates. It might also be disclosed to protect the personal safety of the site user or for protection against legal liability.

Future Communications and Use of Personal Information:

We will use the contact information you provide to send you free newsletters and emails that directly promote the use of our site or our products or services to you if you have opted to receive communications from us (as outlined below). You can unsubscribe to us if you want us to stop sending you communication by dropping an email to info@24X7systems.com

Information Sharing with Affiliates: 

Without specifically requesting your consent, we may share some or all of your Personal Information with our subsidiaries and other affiliates. If 24X7 and/or its assets are acquired by another company, that company will have access to the personal information we have collected from you and will be responsible for protecting it following this Privacy Policy.

Use and Disclosure- Anonymous Information:

We will not disclose any of your personal information that is linked to anonymous information to any third party unless required to do so by law or court order. 24X7 only uses anonymous information in an aggregated rather than individual form to determine and analyze site usage, page popularity, traffic patterns, and other similar data. Based on public information about your organization, we may use anonymous information to identify and contact that organization. By sending us an email, you can prevent such identification and/or contact.

Legal Disclosure of Personal and Anonymous Information: 

If we have good reason to believe that disclosing personal information is necessary to (a) comply with applicable laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on 24X7,  or (b) safeguard 24X7’s rights or the property of website visitors or users- we may disclose the same. We reserve the right to combine anonymous information with personal information that you actively submit or other information obtained through technological means to identify you to the extent required by applicable law or by subpoenas or warrants served on 24X7 court orders.

Choosing your Future Communications from 24X7:

Visitors to our website can choose how their personal information is used and shared. If you have any special requirements, please contact us via email- info@24X7systems.com

We will ask you if you want to be contacted in the future when you submit a request for information on our website. By checking the boxes on the account creation form, you can indicate that you consent to receive these communications. You will have the option to “opt-out” of receiving future communications from us by either following the unsubscribe instructions included in the email you receive or sending us an email to info@24X7systems.com. You can sign up for this service on our website at any time if you want to receive communications from us. We may notify you of any changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or products or services, despite your indicated preferences for email notifications.

Feedback: If you give us feedback about any of our products or services, we can use it for any purpose as long as we don’t link it to your personal information.

Links to Other Websites: Occasionally, our website will include links to other websites. The privacy policies and content of these other websites linked to our website are not under our control. Please be aware that these external websites are not subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Before providing any information to the site’s owner, you should review that site’s privacy policy.

Protection of Personal Information: We take reasonable precautions to safeguard your personal information. To safeguard your personal information, we have implemented industry-standard electronic safeguards. A firewall on our computers serves as a barrier that prevents outsiders from accessing our servers, which is where we store your personal data. 

By storing your personal data in a controlled facility, we shield it from unauthorized physical access. Except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we restrict access to personal data stored in electronic databases to 24X7 employees and contractors who have a business need for it. You should be aware that we are unable to completely eliminate the security risks associated with personal data, even though we have taken significant measures to ensure that your personal data is not intercepted, accessed, used, or disclosed by unauthorized parties.

Changes to the Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy is subject to change, and we will notify you on this page if we make significant changes to how we collect, use, or disclose your personal information. You must stop using our website if you object to these changes. If you continue to use our website after receiving notice of any changes, you will be considered to have accepted those changes and agreed to be bound by them.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use, if you would like to stop receiving communications from us, if you have any special requests, etc. Kindly write an email to: info@24X7systems.com