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Our Offerings

Today’s business landscape is laced with competition, to stay ahead of the curve- enterprises are seeking to deploy thousands of applications to keep up with their agility. With enterprises seeking to scale up their infrastructure based on user demands, the speedy iterations mean that the developers will be compelled to deploy and oversee these applications with manual coding. With IaC, we ensure that the codification and documentation configuration specifications can be automated, thus nearly eliminating undocumented, ad-hoc changes that have to do with configuration. By deploying your infrastructure as code, we make it possible to divide infrastructure into modular components which means that you can avoid inconsistency among IT environments during the implementation phase.

With the dynamic nature of today’s business landscape remaining constant, enterprises are on the lookout to iterate quickly and efficiently to minimize the cost, effort, risk, and resources, to ensure that there is no friction in software delivery due to manual tasks being error-prone. With CI/CD pipeline automation, we can increase velocity by automating all steps in the deployment pipeline. CI/ CD pipeline automation enables release cycles to be rapid and frequent while ensuring that they are predictable and error-free which in turn leads to engineering teams being productive. Additionally, we can identify and fix the bugs at the early stages, making way for faster releases with better quality, thus letting the developers focus on writing code as opposed to fixing codes manually.

Digital transformation has become the prime agenda for enterprises today- observability, diagnostics, and reporting telemetry data is an enterprise’s go-to strategy for heightening visibility when it comes to application performance. With our powerful observability, diagnostics, and reporting strategy, we can convert the data of an enterprise into meaningful and actionable insights that ensure that the larger cloud system is run with maximum efficiency and optimization. When an enterprise moves from traditional monitoring to observability, our strategy can ensure the delivery of a great end goal which is built on a reliable digital experience with full-stack observability. With our high-quality observability, diagnostics, and reporting, enterprises can focus on sustaining an increased level of visibility and coordination, thus acquiring a competitive advantage.

Digital excellence has become an aspirational goal for every enterprise today- a crucial element of digital excellence has to do with staying on, constantly. Customers have started to live in a world that leaves no space for downtime. With our in-depth understanding of configuration management, we can ensure that all environments hosting software are configured and maintained in line with maximum optimization. By integrating configuration management into the software cycle, we can build a centralized knowledge base, where metadata for the various systems has a uniform level of heightened visibility. Additionally, we can ensure that the testing environment of an application is mapped to its production environment, thus, eliminating possible misconfiguration in the deployment to the production stage.

Enterprises today are realizing the importance of developing applications that leverage IoT, mobile connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) at scale and to cohesively develop cutting-edge applications, enterprises need a sound cloud networking and operations strategy. For a large repository of data to be of value, it must be equipped to process resources rapidly.  With our Cloud networking and operations offering, we can ensure that the visibility and the scale that is required to streamline and operate the distributed cloud and on-premises network resonates with a high level of efficiency and optimization. With our focused cloud networking and operation strategy, we can enable enterprises to work with their growing infrastructure needs, regional expansions, and redundancy plans.

Packaged Services

Cloud Dev-Ops Services

Cloud and DevOps are crucial when it comes to supporting businesses with enhanced security and increased efficiency in their performance with the support of a wide range of applications and tools. With our top-notch Cloud DevOps Services, you can enhance their agility and rise to meet and exceed expectations as far as their scalability is concerned.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement

In this model, 24X7SYSTEMS and the client work towards defined product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach is best suited for projects with fixed-scope requirements or for iterative development schedules targeting release dates. Where development or quality standards requirements have been previously identified and understood.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, dedicated high performing teams are assigned for different stages of software development activities. This model is ideal for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. Such engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. This would work like an extension of the customer’s organization.

Off Shore Development Services

This method involves Offshore project realization process and billing on a Time & Material manner. Driven by the customers’ needs and comfort levels, clients can choose to work with us on a project basis. Projects can start from drawing requirements from PRD and MRD documents to project planning and different stages of SDLC. As the project outcome is identified at the beginning so are the different stages of development, budgetary variance are resolved up front.

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