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Increasingly, the digital value chain of today is prone to unprecedented levels of change which has led to enterprises looking to modernize their applications to stay ahead of the competition. With our cloud modernization assessment and roadmap, we enable organizations to transition from monolithic application architecture to a model in which applications can be deployed as collective units of independently functioning pockets over public, private, or hybrid multi-cloud. With our in-depth cloud modernization assessment and roadmap strategy, we can enable enterprises to focus on improving application performance, stability, and scalability along with reducing IT consumption costs.

In today’s business world, it has become the norm for businesses to rapidly evolve, and agility has become the top priority for enterprises to rise to changing business needs. “Future State” Platform Architecture is the strategic means that enables an enterprise network architecture to evolve to keep up with the user demands and the immediacy of business change that is expected in today’s time. With our Future State platform architecture, we allow space for agility and flexibility keeping in mind the possibility of evolution concerning a network and its extensive DNA. As new technologies continue to populate the business landscape, we ensure that the evolution holds space for structured, systematic, and streamlined changes that align with the core of these new business objectives.

It has become impossible for enterprises to not realize the necessity of the cloud ecosystem. Companies are keen to move all their data center capabilities onto the cloud, some or all of their data center capabilities into the cloud, to equip for the transition to cloud-based infrastructure. For businesses to seamlessly evolve, moving to the cloud has become a requisite. With our migration strategy and planning, we ensure that enterprises reap all the numerous benefits that come with moving to the cloud- scalability, cost optimization, agility, increased efficiency in performance and not to mention- the most seamless digital experience for the end user. Our comprehensive planning and strategy will lead to accelerated digital growth and optimization.

In a world constantly populated by new and advanced shifts in the technological spectrum, understanding applications and the language of technical stacks can be crucial for the success of an enterprise. This ensures a streamlined approach to communication that is centered on clarity and optimization for the larger workflows. With our technology stack evolution, we focus on building with intentionality, where each layer contributes towards a major utility by harnessing distinct but cooperative software types. With our best-fit analysis, we can build a technology stack that factors in components that ascertain how well the layers integrate to streamline workflows that enable a positive user experience. Our best-fit analysis will prove instrumental in defining the revenue operations that have to do with an enterprise.

Packaged Services

Cloud Strategy and Architecture Consulting

Digital transformation has ushered in the era of migration and modernization of data on cloud platforms which is crucial to accelerate real-time reporting and analysis. By helping you with our services, we can enable you with faster business processes, lean collaboration, and communication metrics to enhance business processes.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement

In this model, 24X7SYSTEMS and the client work towards defined product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach is best suited for projects with fixed-scope requirements or for iterative development schedules targeting release dates. Where development or quality standards requirements have been previously identified and understood.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, dedicated high performing teams are assigned for different stages of software development activities. This model is ideal for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. Such engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. This would work like an extension of the customer’s organization.

Off Shore Development Services

This method involves Offshore project realization process and billing on a Time & Material manner. Driven by the customers’ needs and comfort levels, clients can choose to work with us on a project basis. Projects can start from drawing requirements from PRD and MRD documents to project planning and different stages of SDLC. As the project outcome is identified at the beginning so are the different stages of development, budgetary variance are resolved up front.

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